5 strategies to increase traffic to your e-commerce site

You sell quality products or services, you are proud of your online store, its design seems superb to you, but there you go, your sales are not taking off. Your website lacks visibility. To finally boost its sales on the Internet, it is imperative to increase the traffic of its e-commerce site. This requires method, work and perseverance. But what satisfaction when you see that the visits are multiplying, and that your sales are increasing proportionally! Get inspired by these 5 strategies to gain traffic and achieve your sales goals.

Guarantee the user-friendliness of its e-commerce site

The user-friendliness of a page according to Google involves several criteria that characterize the interaction of the Internet user with it. Usability includes Core Web Vitals, but not only. These quality criteria are crucial for the user experience (UX) and have a serious impact on the frequentation of its e-commerce site. The first factor is the speed of the site. The loading speed should be almost instantaneous, less than 2.5 seconds. Otherwise, the visitor loses patience and… looks elsewhere. In addition, Google penalizes sites that are too slow.

For the same reason, navigation must be easy and pleasant. It is indeed very annoying for the visitor not to find what he is looking for. Not only must the user experience be fluid, but it must also guide him intuitively towards the conclusion of his purchase.

Nowadays, it is unthinkable to have a site only accessible by computer. Be responsive: the smartphone is today the first means used to browse the Internet. Your traffic will therefore be extremely penalized if Internet users’ access from their mobile a version unsuitable for it (font too small, image too large, etc.). Moreover, since 2019 Google uses by default the mobile version of new websites for their indexing and ranking.

Use social networks to increase traffic to your e-commerce site

Social networks are a fantastic opportunity to improve the visibility of your e-commerce site, and thus increase its traffic. But since managing them can be time-consuming, it’s important to choose the right ones for your audience. Define your buyer persona, that is to say the representation of your ideal customer, and think about the networks he frequents. Do you sell vocational training? LinkedIn will be your ally! Diet products? Facebook will probably be more suitable. Clothes? Instagram! Of course, if justified, you can combine several social networks.

It is then necessary to determine the type of content to publish to increase the traffic of its e-commerce site. The objective is to encourage Internet users to visit your store. A video, for example, can allow you to present a product. Do you sell organic cotton clothing? An infographic on the ecological disasters of the textile industry, easy to share, can orient visitors to your site.

A contest can also help you get known. There are different types of ghostwriting, the possibilities are endless! On Facebook, for example, participants will have to like your page to participate. From there, you’ll have a new hook to boost your site’s traffic. Especially if Internet users have to tag friends in the comments…

Find partners to boost your sales on the Internet

Going it alone is rarely a good idea in the business world. Join forces and collaborate with sidekicks! This strategy, carried out with ethics and intelligence, will allow you to create “win-win” situations for them and for yourself.

First, net linking. This is a powerful strategy for generating traffic. One of its objectives is to promote external links that direct Internet users to your site, backlinks. Of course, to be credible, the site that links to yours must be of high quality and above all, in the same theme as yours. It’s up to you to contact the websites that seem most interesting to you, to ask them for a link to yours.

Guest articles are also an interesting approach to increase traffic. Explanation by example: you sell childcare articles. It is relevant to imagine that your potential buyers are future or young parents. You can therefore offer your contribution as a guest on a specialized blog. This will provide the blogger with a free article, and give them the benefit of your expertise on the latest anatomical pacifiers, while improving your own visibility.

Influencer marketing uses a fairly similar lever. You benefit from the visibility of an “influencer” to make you known. On Instagram or Facebook, many personalities have tastes that match your products. Reach out to them and offer to act as your brand ambassadors. In the same way, affiliate links on the blogs of said influencers or on other relevant blogs, will allow you to increase your notoriety and boost your sales on the Internet, while remunerating your affiliate.

Invest in sponsored links to improve your visibility

Search Engine Advertising (SEA) is a form of paid search. To give a boost to your notoriety, nothing is more effective than investing initially or occasionally in a few advertising campaigns. They are certainly paid but will be effective in creating traffic very quickly, very useful at start-up or at certain relevant periods called chestnut trees (Christmas if you sell chocolates, Valentine’s Day if you sell lingerie, etc.). Investing in Google Ads campaigns will guarantee you a presence on the first page of Google for the time necessary to make you known.

Paid advertisements on Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn can also be very interesting. Again, it’s up to you to choose the social network that best suits your potential customers. These platforms allow you to target your audience very effectively, and reach an extremely large audience. Instagram is a particularly impactful platform if your products are visual because this network mainly highlights the image. Also consider Pinterest Promoted Pins. It is a very profitable strategy to attract visitors and thus increase the traffic of its e-commerce site. For more details, do not hesitate to read how to increase your traffic with Pinterest.

Improve your natural referencing to increase the traffic of your e-commerce site tenfold

To define your strategy, it is crucial to analyze the sources of traffic to your website. According to Yitro, the most important source after direct search would be natural referencing. It represents an average of 34% of traffic. Optimizing the SEO of your e-commerce site is therefore an essential method to increase its attendance. And the icing on the cake, visitors who land on your site via Google searches are those with the highest conversion rate. According to Castor, 22% of online purchases come from natural referencing. This practice is therefore very relevant to boost its sales on the Internet.

Convinced? So, get to work! Because if SEO optimization is a powerful strategy, it is nonetheless an option that requires talent, rigor and patience. You will first need to carry out an SEO audit of the content of your e-commerce site, to detect flaws and areas for improvement. For this, do not hesitate to call on one of our talents. Indeed, a good diagnosis is the basis of success. It will then be necessary to optimize everything that can be optimized on your site: the product sheets, the “About” page, and even the photos!

The keywords. Remember, they are the basis of SEO. It is the choice of judicious queries that will allow you to appear on the first page of search engines. List the words or expressions that correspond to your sector, your products. Explore the lexical field well. Put yourself in the Internet user’s shoes, think about what interests your ideal client. You can then strategically place these keywords in the various sections of your e-commerce: page titles, product descriptions, categories, etc.

The production of content, SEO optimized of course, is also an excellent way to increase the traffic of your e-commerce. Google likes regularly updated sites. Having a blog associated with your online store therefore significantly improves your visibility. By publishing two articles per week, you will see your traffic increase rapidly. It can also be interesting to create a newsletter or a white paper to download for free. You can perform these tasks yourself, or benefit from the expertise of our team. Contact us!

As you have understood, developing and combining these 5 strategies allows you to increase the traffic of your e-commerce site effectively, in order to improve your sales proportionally. And as you will have noticed, a good SEO strategy also increases the quality of its traffic. The smart investment to boost your sales on the Internet!

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