Clickoot Provides Food Delivery Management System in 2022

Food delivery companies are facing a growing problem in managing their operations. A food delivery management system can help them manage their businesses efficiently and cost-effectively. In addition to automating the process of food delivery, this software can also optimize costs and improve customer experience.


Deliverect is a Belgium-based SaaS startup that aims to bring restaurants and third-party delivery systems closer to their customer base. The company’s technology allows restaurant owners to manage their stock, create and manage online menus, and manage their third-party delivery systems.

Deliverect’s software has helped thousands of restaurants and delivery services to streamline the ordering process. It has processed over 150 million orders and restaurants using its software have reported an average of 80% fewer errors and 25% more revenue. The company has tripled in size and employs 160 people.

Deliverect connects third-party delivery channels and POS systems so that order receipts and revenue data are automatically synchronized. This eliminates the need for manual data entry and optimizes the end-to-end ordering process. Restaurants can also automate their menus and improve customer satisfaction with their food-delivery system.

Aside from automating the order-pickup process, food delivery systems can improve the efficiency of delivery operations. They can optimize routes and schedules and assign orders to drivers based on their location. This leads to improved productivity and profitability for restaurant owners.

A food delivery management system should be easy to use and offer a convenient interface. The system shouldn’t require hours of set-up and should help your staff work more efficiently. The reports should be easy to read and provide the information they need to improve their business. The food delivery industry is growing rapidly, and the right software can help you keep your operations as smooth as possible.

OnTime 360

A food delivery management system should help food delivery businesses manage deliveries, record employee hours for payroll, and dispatch drivers remotely. OnTime 360 has an extensive online resource center, including searchable documentation, an in-app tutorial, and customer support. It also supports Windows Mobile platforms, including rugged commercial-grade mobile devices.

It integrates with QuickBooks and offers robust invoice management functions. Additionally, it supports offline functionality and integrates with point-of-sale systems. Its price range is $39 to $349 per month, and it offers free trials.

The software comes with a 14-day free trial that covers all the basics. It also does not require any long-term contracts and lets you cancel at any time. However, it is important to note that you will need a Professional plan to connect your POS and payment gateway. This may require additional fees, though.

It is easy to implement and comes with a number of apps that provide the required features and real-time access to the system. These apps will open up new possibilities and opportunities for your business. Schedule a demo to find out more.


A food delivery management system can help restaurants streamline their order tracking, POS, and revenue management operations. With the right system, employees can create and customize menus, track menu items, and route drivers to customer locations. Most of these systems account for traffic patterns and offer optimized routes. They also provide managers with an overview of upcoming deliveries.

Food delivery software is critical for the survival and growth of a food delivery business. It is becoming more important as the food delivery industry continues to change. As a result, more businesses are looking for new opportunities to thrive. Food delivery software can help restaurants track all of their operations and manage KPIs.

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