A Guide To Organize Hybrid Conference

Hybrid conferences are a concept a lot of event planners and organizers are believing in. The Hybrid conference can help in interacting and communicating with a wider audience. 

Hybrid conferences are becoming a popular choice for a lot of organizers because they save them a lot of money and time. So if you are also planning to host a hybrid conference and you don’t know what to do and where to start, maybe this article can help you. We are mentioning a small guide about the points that you should remember while planning and hosting a hybrid conference. From selecting a hybrid conference platform to taking follow up from attendees we have covered everything. So continue reading. 

A Guide To Organize Hybrid Event

1. Choose The Best Hybrid Conference Platform 

If you are planning to organize a hybrid conference you will need a hybrid Conference platform that can help you effectively manage and host a conference. The first step for hosting a hybrid conference is choosing a platform. In the event industry, you will be able to find various hybrid event platforms. 

These platforms are very beneficial; they can help you host your conference according to your requirement. You can customize your conference, and send regular event updates. The hybrid event solutions can take charge of your conference from beginning to end. These platforms can manage event registrations, payments, on-site registrations, and on-site check-ins, and help attendees interact during and after the conference. They offer features that can help you smoothly run your conference. Try and test different platforms, look at their features, and then choose one for your conference. 

2. Set Your Goal 

The next important step is to set up your conference goal. You need to know the goal or purpose of your conference, you can’t just host a hybrid conference without the purpose, because without a goal or purpose you will not be able to analyze the insights and measure the success of your hybrid conference. You need to ask certain questions like why you are hosting this hybrid conference. 

How can it benefit you? Is it important to host this hybrid conference etc? All these questions will help you know the purpose of your hybrid conference and you will be able to set your goal. After setting goals, planning for a conference will become a lot easier. 

3. Create The Budget

Setting a budget for your hybrid conference will help you in planning and managing your event in a better way. Once you have a specific budget you can divide it for different aspects of hybrid conferences. Because you are hosting a hybrid conference you will have two different types of audiences. So you will have to find a venue that can fit your audience and is within your budget, plus you will also have to look for an affordable hybrid conference platform that can cater to all your needs, provide you with good features and manage your event efficiently. 

4. Find Your Audience

For a conference, you will need an audience. You might know some of your audience, but you will have to find a new audience, who might be interested in your conference. Hybrid conferences are flexible; your audience can attend them in two different ways which make it easier to host a conference for a large audience. Target your audience through social media and other different platforms. 

5. Promote It 

No matter what kind of event or conference you are hosting, promoting it is essential. You can’t do it without promotions. Promoting your hybrid conference on different platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, etc will help you engage and communicate with your audience. Promotions will help your audience know about your hybrid conference. They will know you are hosting a conference around a particular topic, don’t forget to talk and update them about your conference topic or agenda. Add call-to-action options under your promotional post. Motivate your audience to register for the conference. Mention the time and venue of your hybrid conference

6. Check All Your Equipment Before Going Live 

One of the most important things that you can’t skip before the event is running a test check for all your equipment. You need to see how your online conference platform looks, and check if all the features of the hybrid conference are working or not. Check the internet connectivity. Run a test for the video camera and check all the audio devices so that no mishap happens during the event and have a backup for all the equipment. Having backups of all the equipment can help if things don’t work out your way. 

7. Interact With Your Audience 

We don’t even have to mention that interaction with your audience during a hybrid conference is crucial. You need to interact with and engage your audience. Without proper interaction and engagement, you will not be able to connect with your audience. When you are hosting a hybrid conference make sure you are making proper interactions with both online and in-person audiences.

For online audiences, hybrid event platforms make interaction easier because they offer features for engagement. For instance organizers can share polls, ask and answer questions, and chat through the messaging box. 

8. After the Event Follow up 

Follow-up after the event can help in analyzing the success of the hybrid conference. Every organizer is keen to know the participant’s views on the conference. Organizers host meetings and conferences to interact and communicate with the audience, so for them, audience satisfaction is vital after the event knowing the audience’s perspective and event experience can help them understand more about the conference from the audience’s point of view. 

The Bottom Line 

We are sure you know that hosting a hybrid event is not that difficult, with proper planning and management you can host a hybrid conference. Look for a good hybrid conference platform and most of the things will be sorted for you. The hybrid conference can have various advantages for your organization. 

Hybrid conferences are more engaging and have better reach. And they don’t have any geographical barriers.

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