The Best SNES Emulator In 2019 For Smartphone

From the ever-changing landscape of video games, it’s easy to leap out of a new release to another. While leaving a ton of excellent releases from the dust. Alas, a lot of these amazing titles are not so simple to secure or perform, if you don’t use an emulator. A fantastic part of games on the Super Nintendo, or SNES, just wasn’t available from the West, translated to English, or even marketed in the USA, and if you have a copy it can be tricky to get it to operate correctly if your gear is not in the best shape.

For many of those who are considering receiving the best retro gaming experience, SNES emulators would be the reply to the prayers. We put together a list of the best emulators that run on Android smartphones and tablets. Yes, there are a whole lot of them and everyone is going to allow you to play the sport you desire. Obviously, there are a lot of differences between them and we’ll explore each and every one. The best SNES emulator you can find in this article.  All you’ve got to do is to get the one which matches all of your requirements.

Let’s Know About Emulators First Before The Best SNES Emulator

Emulators have always existed in the murky legal territory. The lovable games which you can enjoy through emulators are no longer available.

The rights are usually held by the first business. Emulators are lawful in many states. But downloading a game to play in an emulator often is not. And dispersing an emulator is a violation in many states. Nintendo is very protective of its own matches. And while it has not gone after folks downloading emulators, it’s put pressure on individuals hosting games for downloading. This makes emulators a prime goal for the spread of malware since there’s a couple of”official” channels for supply.

The Best SNES Emulator You Must Have In 2019


SuperRetro16 Best Snes Emulator
SuperRetro16 Best Snes Emulator

It’s a special benefit. There are a whole lot of display enchantment choices users can attempt. The target is to earn an emulator that’s secure, effective and features innovative capabilities. If that is what you’re searching, then the SuperRetro16 ought to be in your list. Furthermore, it comes harmonious with assorted games, offers rapid forward, onscreen multiplayer and controls option. That having been said, we’d recommend it for consumers who hunt to find the best gaming experience and who wish to accommodate the gaming to match their unique preferences. Concerning value for money, it’s exceptional.

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The best SNES emulator! Produced from the ground up to provide the fastest play potential. Easily find and play with your favorite names by scanning your telephone to see your list of installed ROMs!

  • Fastest emulation with greatest game compatibility.
  • A superb user interface that is simple to use.
  • Chromecast native and streaming Android TV service.
  • Cloud syncing service for constant play across devices.
  • tens of thousands of cheat codes!.
  • Outstanding support for Bluetooth controls.
  • Advanced design editor for on-screen controls.
  • Mouse assistance for chosen games.
  • Turbo manner to fast-forward games.
  • Network multiplayer with WiFi or Bluetooth.

Google Playstore Link to Download SuperRetro16 – Link


John SNES emulator
John SNES emulator

If you’re hooked on this very realistic SNES gambling experience, you need to strive John SNES emulator. The principal benefit is that the engine it uses. It’s essentially the exact same engine used in consoles, therefore, the total impression is much more realistic. The emulator works with different controls which use Bluetooth, Wireless or onscreen units. We also liked the ability to conduct any match, use slow manner, turbo button manner, quickly forward, use cheats and much more. John SNES is just magnificent in regards to features.
Begin with the free edition, which includes basic features and provides you the ability to find the very best feeling of the possibilities. It’s free of advertisements too.

John SNES Download Link


Retroarch Emulator

It is a one of a kind all-in-one emulator. It provides support for a broad array of systems. The SNES is among these. The program has a small learning curve. Get ready to see their wiki to locate some troubleshooting replies. It boasts onscreen controls, a high compatibility rate, and service for lots of programs. Additionally, it is open source, free to use, and doesn’t have advertisements.


  •  Fresh eye-candy menus to select from!
  •  Scan files/folders and add them into match system collections!
  •  View database info about every game once added to a set!
  •  Download apps (‘cores’) online.
  • Download Game & Watch games and play with them with our exclusive Game & Watch emulator!
  • Ability to remap controllers.
  • Ability to load and enter cheats.
  • More than 80+ apps and counting!
  • No DRM* No limitations on use.
  • Open-source.
  • No push advertisements, no Spying, no push notification.

RetroArch Download Link.

Snes9x EX+


It has existed for quite a very long moment. And one of the best SNES emulators pretty much since its launch. It is open source and has the basic features you’ll find in many SNES emulators. Including save/load states, onscreen controls, service for .smc, .sfc, and zip files, and support for sport pads. It seems a bit old school, however, functions well on nearly every gadget. It’s also totally free without an in-app buy.

The public-domain sport Bio Worm is also included. Additional ROMs have to be given by the user. A range of public domain games/demos are offered in Transfer games everywhere to your inner storage/SD card and navigate to them from inside the program (default SD card directory on all devices is /mnt/sdcard). ROMs might be in .smc and .sfc formats, optionally in ZIP, RAR, or 7Z documents.


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