The Sudden Death Of Kimbo Slice Greatly Surprised The Sports World

For a brief time in the sports global, Kimbo Slice changed inside the news after reaching his meteoric pinnacle. His notorious street fight motion pictures have attracted tens of millions of human beings making him a household name behind his marvelous physical stamina. This led to a quick stint within the Octagon with the UFC which simplest further better the air of secrecy around him. Slice had reached a heightened stage of reputation, but it all came to an abrupt give-up, which greatly surprised many to see her die at the age of 42.

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Reaching The Top Of Kimbo Slice

Before his rapid upward thrust to stardom, Slice become known as Kevin Ferguson as he changed into previously a bouncer for a strip club, which brought about him turning into a bodyguard and limousine driver. He noticed that he got into a shady position that saw him accused of carrying a concealed weapon in 2002.

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The following year, he started his profession in Combat Street Fights, which noticed him pass viral after he left a primary cut on his opponent’s right eye, which noticed many lovers on the Internet roll with the name Slice, which he had recognized seeing that his youth. K turned into paired with the surname Kimbo. From that point onwards, the name Kimbo Slice turned into born, which catapulted him to tremendous heights as a phenom in road preventing with many fights.

He was given a threat in MMA as he made his debut at Cage Fury Fighting Championship 5 in June 2007, where he defeated his opponent with a guillotine choke inside the first spherical. Slice worked his manner up to Elite XC in 2009, triumphing in four of his first 5 fights with the organization.

Kimbo Slice’s Brief Mma Career And Boxing Tenure

Kimbo Slice was confirmed as a promising fighter on the back of his superb physique and combating style that inspired fans.

This led him to compete in the UFC’s The Ultimate Fighter, showing off his awesome capability inside the octagon. Slice labored closer to winning the heavyweight finale, wherein he took the pinnacle spot at Houston Alexander. The momentum turned into quick-lived as he skipped his and only UFC fight towards Matt Mitrione thru TKO in the second round of the fit.

He in brief pursued a boxing career that saw him make his seasoned boxing debut in August 2011, in which he knocked out James Wade inside the first spherical. Slice gained all seven fights he had participated in over the two 1/2 years which blanketed six knocks. It could be the simplest 5 years after his ultimate MMA combat that he would get his next threat within the Octagon as he signed a couple of of-fight address Bellator.

Slice took care of commercial enterprise in his first spherical, winning a TKO win over Ken Shamrock in Bellator 138. He had his subsequent and very last MMA fight against one of his longtime road fighting competitors the Dada 5000 which ended after 3 rounds together with his opponent’s collapse. , The win was turned into a no-contest because a pre-combat drug test showed he had accelerated testosterone.

Death Of Kimbo Slice

It turned into Bellator’s largest draw to this point, after Kimbo Slice topped the Grandfather 500.

Bellator president Scott Coker voiced that Slice could have a rematch against James Thompson. However, it by no means came to fruition as the promising fighter saw his existence stop all at once because of heart failure on June 5, 2016. He was recognized with heart failure and turned into placed on a ventilator in in-depth care due to belly ache, nausea, and shortness of breath. A post-mortem after his death also discovered a mass on his liver.

It turned into a situation that took many by way of wonder as his existence changed into reduced brief at the age of 42, at the same time as there has been no sign that his health turned into declining in any way. Slice had a probably promising MMA profession ahead of him that could retain to propel him to extra heights.

There they might have matches: a loss to Roy Nelson and a win through selection against Houston Alexander. After that, Kimbo Slice become threatened each second to prove he can be a top professional-level MMA fighter, but his loss to Matt Mitrione at UFC 113 became intended to be the cease of Kimbo Slice’s UFC career.

In 2015, 12 months before his passing, Kimbo Slice could return to MMA in the dramatic Bellator 138 to face his longtime rival, Shamrock. The warfare became the healing of Kimbo’s life: a struggle from beginning to completion. Shamrock was pushing for submissions on the maximum time of the primary round, at the same time as Kimbo returned on his toes, which he did of high nice. He stopped once more. To the marvel of the organization in attendance, he knocked out Shamrock with a Po Tent Punch within the face.

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