Top 5 Most Visited Websites in Philippines

The internet has become so widespread that it can polarize different people and their different ways of thinking. In some countries, internet usage is more about social media and TV than about the actual use of the internet. Moreover, some countries have geoblocking, which prevents users from accessing certain websites. Furthermore, large parts of Asia and Africa are not connected to the Internet at all. With that in mind, Hostinger aims to help website owners build the websites that their dream audiences want to visit. For this purpose, they have mapped the top news websites and banking websites in the region.

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The Philippine population is a big fan of the World Wide Web. In fact, is one of the most popular webpages in the country. The company has around 1 billion visitors per month. This includes about 53.8 million unique users. The Philippines has a strong Internet user base, with people spending an average of four hours online a day. Most Filipino internet users use their smartphones to access the internet. Among them, 87% of them watch online video content, according to the YouTube Profiling Study.

If you’re into watching videos, is definitely one of the top websites in the Philippines. It has over a billion visitors annually and is second only to Google when it comes to traffic. In fact, it’s estimated that people spend more than two billion hours a year on YouTube.

YouTube allows users to post videos, rate them, subscribe to others, and make playlists. The service allows anyone to run a personal broadcasting station and offers an extensive variety of user-generated and corporate media videos. Content includes TV show and movie clips, music videos, and original short videos.

Filipinos are social by nature, and Facebook is a perfect fit for their culture. They pride themselves on being close to family, and Facebook’s culture of sharing and connection bridges the digital and physical distance between Filipinos. The popularity of Facebook has made it one of the top five most visited websites in the Philippines. The rise of social media in the Philippines has also spurred the rise of youth activism on the internet, which is taking over the physical streets in the country.

A recent survey shows that nearly 99 percent of adult Filipinos use an instant messaging application. These include Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Viber, Hangouts, Signal, and Telegram.

The Philippines has an Internet population of 159,000 people, according to comScore, a worldwide measure of the number of websites visited by internet users. As of June 2011, comScore reported that Filipinos visited over 7,000 websites. The site uses a different measure when calculating its rankings, which excludes adult websites. Among the top 100 sites, 16 are classified as “XXX Adult Sites,” meaning they are not suitable for children.


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