What is Temp Mial?

A Temporary Email (also known as a disposable email or throwaway email) is a type of email account that is intended for short-term use and can be easily discarded. These types of email addresses are often used to protect the user’s privacy or to avoid spam or unwanted marketing messages.

They can be used to register for online services, make online purchases, or participate in online forums or discussions, without having to provide a permanent email address. These email addresses can be quickly and easily created and can be discarded after they have served their purpose.

How To Use Temp Mail?

Using a temporary email is relatively simple. Here are the general steps to follow:

  1. Go to a temporary email service website: There are several websites that offer temporary email services, such as Mailinator, Guerrilla Mail, and TempMail.
  2. Create an email address: On the website, you will be prompted to create an email address. This can be done by selecting a username or by having a random address generated for you.
  3. Use the email address: Once you have an email address, you can use it to register for online services, make online purchases, or participate in online forums or discussions.
  4. Check for incoming messages: Some temporary email services will allow you to check for incoming messages on the same website where you created the email address, while others will forward incoming messages to your personal email.
  5. Discard the email address: Once you no longer need the temporary email address, you can simply discard it. Some services will automatically delete the address after a certain period of time, while others will require you to manually delete it.

Please note that some temporary email services are not anonymous and may require you to provide some personal information, such as your name and address. Also, be aware that some sites may use temp-mails to track and spam you.

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